Mar 22, 2012 / 1 note

Getting into a relationship

Sounds so much better on the theoretical level. Once I actually start thinking about the mechanics of it, it gets kinda scary. The flirtation part is fun, but once it gets past that, once it gets to the part where feelings come in, and its like, well does he like me? Does he not? Then there’s the awkward dating part, where it’s like, are we on a date? Is this a date? So confused! And then if that works, then its like, wait when does physical stuff start to happen?

Like, it’s all just… a hassle. I feel so incompetent when it comes to relationships. My previous one just kinda happened. We weren’t really even friends… just acquaintances really. 

I’ve never been in a relationship where we were friends, and then it turned into something more. I feel like that’s so scary, because there’s sooo much more at stake, and I have a horrible track record. 

I wish there was a place that sold self-confidence boosts. I feel like so many of my problems would be eradicated that way.

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